Survival Training

We provide different types of survival training to fit your specific need.  Contact us today to discuss options.

  • Wilderness

  • Urban (COMING SOON)

  • Bushcraft (COMING SOON)

Wilderness Survival Basic Course

This course provides an introduction to the skills and knowledge necessary to live through a short-term wilderness survival situation. If you have the survival skills and experience to survive at least 72 hours, then you have a much greater chance to find your way out of the woods OR be located by search and rescue.

Topics will include essential survival gear, survival priorities, and most importantly, how to maintain an upright mind.  You will learn these crucial survival skills:

  • First Aid

  • Building a fire

  • Making a life-saving shelter

  • Purifying water

  • Navigation

  • Signaling for rescue

How it works

Training takes place at the designated location from 9am-1pm on Saturday. Class will take place outdoors regardless of weather so dress accordingly.  You are not required to bring anything with you however, we recommend you bring a water bottle or hydration system.

2019 Schedule:

16 Nov - 9am-1pm at camp hobitzelle, midlothiam TX 

14 Dec - 9AM-1pm at camp hobitzelle, midlothiam TX 

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