Business travel, whether international or domestic, exposes employees to higher levels of risk. Travelers can be put into situations that expose them to a range of health, safety and security hazards. This increased level of risk for travelling employees heightens the corporate liability of employers that have a legal and moral duty of care to their staff. Faced with the pressure to comply with industry guidelines, legislation, budgets, and client expectations, corporate leaders are being urged to take a company-wide and strategic approach to travel risk management.

Organizations have a legal obligation to act prudently to avoid the risk of reasonable, foreseeable injury. This obligation may apply to both what the employer does or fails to do. When an employee works in or travels to a remote location for business of any kind, employers must make sure that "duty of care," a legal obligation to provide reasonable care to employees, is met. Failure to do so may make an employer subject to a negligence action in court. Should an employee be injured during work related travel, legal procedures could impact the business valuable resources such as monetary fines and time. In some cases, the employer could also face prosecution and imprisonment if they’re found to be at fault.

According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), many organizations sending employees overseas are not equipping them properly to handle disease, natural and man-made disasters and other dangers they could encounter at those locales. Employee risks run a broad range from minor to catastrophic and include the following:

· Auto accidents

· Medical Emergencies

· Crime / Theft

· Violations of foreign law, imprisonment

· Kidnapping

· Injury or death

Employers have a responsibility to identify those and other risks prior to sending employees to travel. Additionally, employers must mitigate those risks as much as possible. Employees should also be provided with the proper actions to take before, during, and after an incident.


Travel Assessments can be created for people planning trips either stateside or overseas. They are perfect for organizations sending employees to remote locations and assist in meeting " duty of care" obligations. Whether traveling alone or with a group, a custom-tailored travel assessment from RPS is right for you. Ready Protective Services will prepare an in-depth document providing helpful information such as locations of embassies, consulates, hospitals, etc... as well as current threats and risks associated with the area of travel. This information will help you make well informed travel related decisions. Prices may vary based on the complexity of the trip (location, number of stops, etc..) 

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