When was the last time you let a security professional assess your property?

Is your home camera system still effective?

Ready Protective Services now offers physical security assessments to businesses, churches, schools, and homes. We use EasySet, which is a cutting-edge software platform that streamlines the physical security assessment workflow from walk through to final report. We will come out to your location, discuss scope, cost, and special considerations. We will then return on the pre-planned date to conduct the assessment. This is generally a fast and non-intrusive process.

Depending on the size and complexity of the facility, we should be able to complete the process in less than a day. After the walk around, we will go back and complete the report. Within a matter of a few days we will schedule a time to come out and deliver the final assessment report. You can trust our reports because findings are cited with official source references from organizations such as FEMA and ASIS. For more information or to schedule an assessment contact Ready Protective Services today.


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